Hi! I’m Lena. I’m a product designer from Brazil.

I am currently designing digital experiences for the online video platform Globoplay

I’ve been involved in projects with major companies such as Microsoft, Nokia and Globo. Since 2015, I’ve been living and working in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, working as a Senior Product Designer at Globo.com. My focus is crafting digital experiences for Globoplay, an online video product with 67 million unique users per year.

Creating solutions for complex problems inspired me to pursue a double certification: I am both a designer and a civil engineer

I was born in Manaus, Brazil, where I started my career in graphic design and print. In 2012, I moved to London to pursue a Master’s degree in Magazine Publishing from London College of Communication. For my dissertation, I researched the changing relationship between traditional and digital media. I’ve been immersed in the digital industry ever since.

I believe in the power of storytelling

Text, images and links are more than static itens on an interface. Properly arranged, they can seamlessly guide users through tasks and deliver easy and enjoyable experiences. Finding the perfect balance between beautiful and useful sometimes seems almost impossible. Luckily, I've always been a fan of a good challenge.