Lena Sotto Mayor –

product designer at Globoesporte.com

product designer at Globoplay

previously product designer at Globoplay and UX Designer at Nokia's Institute of Technology. Currently based in Rio de Janeiro, designing rich interactive experiences for the #1 sports website in Brazil

Globoplay: Everything in one place

From famous Brazilian novelas to Hollywood movies, Globoplay is the most complete entertainment hub in Brazil.

At Globoplay, I worked with a team of talented designers to design awesome multi-platform experiences. Since its launch in 2015, Globoplay has grown to reach over 67 million unique users per year. It now expands over web browsers, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, Android and Apple TVs.

Past projects include designing mobile apps for Microsoft/Nokia, rebranding Samsung's R&D center in Brazil and creative directing a baking magazine in London.

Digital TV App for Windows Phone

I solve problems

I am a problem solver

My design process starts with a thorough assessement of the goals, business needs and target audience. Understanding who you are designing for and how they behave is the foundation for designing an effective solution. After devising a strategy to tackle whatever problem is at hand, the final solution is built upon lots of experimentation and prototyping – always with the user's best interest in mind.
I believe in storytelling. Text, images and links are more than static items on an interface. Properly arranged, they can seamlessly guide users through tasks and deliver easy and delightful experiences. Finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and usability is an incredibly hard task. Luckily, I've always been a fan of a good challenge.